Real packaging instructions

At Löfbergs’ production units in Sweden and Denmark they produce the coffee beans the company sell and deliver to their customers. Every product is to be packed according to the current packing instruction, so that the right product ends up on shelf where customers buy their coffee. With over 400 packaging changes per year and paper based instructions it was a challenge for Löfbergs to keep on track with latest instruction.

Digital and mobile

By combining Elvenite’s knowledge of M3, production processes, Food & Beverage and modern technology, a mobile solution which solves Löfbergs’ problems has been created. The so called Digital Product Folder simplifies and speeds up the process of creating and distributing a packaging instruction. The solution is based upon web technologies, which means it can be used from a web browser or a tablet, for example in the production when an operator uses the instruction when products are being packed. All information about products and planning are obviously collected directly from M3, which makes it a transparent solution. 

The time THIEF is gone

One of the major benefits is that the folders that previously on paper now are digitalised. This speeds up the process and saves at least one day a week of work for the administrator of quality control. Furthermore a process has been established where quality, market, lab and production departments quicker and safer change packaging info in the form of product images combined with product information and manufacturing orders from M3. The result is a more efficient workflow, less stress & personal dependency for the employees, as well as an increase in quality and reliability.


About Löfbergs

  • Löfbergs is one of Northern Europe’s largest family-owned coffee rosteries.
  • Their headquarters are in Karlstad and they have roasteries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Latvia.
  • Löfbergs was established in 1906 and is today one of the world’s largest importers of ecological and fairtrade labeled coffee.
  • Löfbergs also owns the tea brand Kobbs among others.