“Elvenite – are no dandies in suits” – quote from customer survey.
Today, May 1st, we will update our appearance; on the web, our exhibition booths, ads, documents and so on. It’s not that the company or the people have changed, rather the opposite. With our new idiom we instead want to emphasise our greatest resource and the reason why our client’s prefer us to our competitors: All our amazing co-workers! From now on you will see considerably more of us, we will stop hiding behind retouched models or the even worse, computers and servers, from now on we will show the real people, who are Elvenite.
Elvenite - HeartHowever we will keep our logotype, though with a slightly warmer tone. The logotype will now be accompanied by the “Elvenite Heart”, a stylized symbol that catches our words of value: Consideration. Efficiency. Curiosity.. Actually, these have been with Elvenite since Johan, Åsa, Henrik, och Lars-Olof the founding moment, but now we really have them in writing and we hope you recognise us in that description.
Elvenite was established to enable clients to realise the full potential of big and often complex IT investments, which can be a problematic task without the help of experts. We work by getting to know our clients thoroughly under a longer period of time, and as we go along, we learn more about their business and find the potential for improvement, sometimes the projects grow, sometimes the improvements are small. But the starting point is always the same: It’s all about constant improvements..

Elvenite på Hotspot

constant improvements.
Henrik Danielsson talks to students at Hotspot

And no; we won’t wear suits in the times to come either.
We send our big thanks to Samuel and Erica at 30 fingrar who created the entire graphic profile, along with a detailed manual on how to maintain a uniform picture of Elvenite.
So what do you think? Did we hit the spot or are we barking up the wrong tree? Of course we’re very excited to hear about what you have to say , comment or write us a message at Facebook or Twitter.