Improve external relations

The Career Office at Karlstad University keeps contact with collaboration partners, students and different courses daily. For this communication to function in the best possible way an internal CRM system has been used since 2006. They wanted to change the CRM system to decrease the amount of administrative work and get a better overview of relations and contacts between the university and external parties.
With Podio’s user friendliness, modern interface and interactive functions the expectation was an improvement of the Career Office’s CRM part and increase the internal communication between users and external partners. Additionally they wanted to expand the functions of Podio to use tools for the planning, communication and implementation of coming Career fairs.

CRM through Podio

Podio is a web based service with flexible creation of workspaces and applications, customized for needs and desired functionality. Elvenite’s challenges in this project where, except educating the users, both employees of external relations and the project members at the career day HotSpot to:

  • Customize Podio and import information for the Career Offices CRM system
  • Customize Podio for the HotSpot groups specific use-case
  • Build an interactive web based map for exhibition registers at HotSpot

Simplified Communications

The communication between the users of CRM at the Career Office/HotSpot has worked exceptionally during this trial period. It’s easy to communicate directly with the users and create sub groups for different tasks. To gather all information in one place and get rid of long mail-chains with several CCs.
With the interactive map handling registering function for HotSpot they saved a lot of planning time for the project group. The number of companies that registered early for the fair has increased. And through that they’ve secured funding in an early stage of the project.


About external relations

  • Karlstad University was established in 1999 and has just over 1200 employees and around 11 500 students today
  • The Career office is situated at Karlstad University’s communications department, which enables collaborations between working life and university
  • At The Career Office, five coordinators work with connecting students and working life with different activities and events.

I’m completely satisfied with Podio. It’s easy to use and the mobile feature is priceless when working in big projects with lots of members working different times. The map has made it possible for our exhibitors to influence their position and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback on that.

Caroline Åhs
Karlstads universitet