Elvenite is in a partnership with QlikTech, who are selling one of the best report tools in the world. Since 2006, QlikTech has held an annual conference for all their partners, called Qonnections. The conference this year was held on the beautiful island of Bahamas, more precisely at the gigantic hotel complex Atlantis Paradise Island.

I was the Elvenite representative this year a task I now see as a major responsibility since I had to absorb as much information as possible in such a short time. While also grasping the experience of a conference of this scale.

My greatest impression from this trip is that QlikTech is a solid bet for years to come. Why? Because they are constantly advancing; despite being world leading in the technical department today, the competition will sooner or later catch up. However, Qliktech constantly aims for developing their product and services, for their customers, and also their partners. Partners are and will always be the key to the future of the company, and QlikTech wants their partners to grow along with them.

The theme of this year’s conference was the next generation of QlikView. We were given a whole lot of previews of what’s coming this year. Unfortunately I cannot give any details, but I can tell you that we are facing an exciting future.
During the conference, there were as usual a lot of lectures about tech, sales, partner activation, customer focus, designs and so on. I was mostly focusing on the tech, since it’s mostly in that area I work. The quality of these lectures varied but overall very good and informative.
I restate that QlikTech and QlikView are, in my opinion, the future of report tools.


Business Discovery
We no longer talk about Business Intelligence, now it’s Business Discovery. This means continually finding and creating value for the client, to never relax and think you’re done. I would say that everyone using business analysis of any form in their company, to this day have only scratched the surface of what’s possible. There is a lot of information just waiting to be discovered and QlikView is and will be the tool that gives us and our clients the best odds of finding it.
To sum up I just want to say that QlikView really knows how to hold a conference. They did an incredibly solid job with everything from technology, exhibition, food, entertainment and transportation to and from the airport. On top of that I got to meet a lot of clever, nice and fun partners and widened my network. By taking a part in this, we as a company have become more known among other establishments.
Finally, the big question: Was it worth the four days of traveling for three days of this conference? Yes it was! This was my first time to cross The Atlantic and then of course my first time on the Bahamas, which made the trip itself an adventure.
Filled with new inspiration we continue working so that our clients can experience the incredible world of QlikView.