Last fall we contacted the labor office in Karlstad to announce that we like to offer an internship for a newly arrived person in need to get in touch with working life. They matched us with Dima, and now she’s here!

Dima Welcome! You will have your internship at Elvenite for a while, tell us more.

Thanks! I came to Sweden almost ten months ago and today I’m studying a course at half-time through Lernia in Karlstad. The remaining time during the next 3 weeks I will have my internship at Elvenite. I will be working with migration of internal documents, specifications and projects. I also hope to be able to help with some data warehouse job.

And who are you?
I’m a 28 year old girl from Syria. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecom engineering and I was doing a master’s studies in the same field  at Damascus University in Syria, but was forced by the circumstances to cancel at the end of the education. Now I’m here and would love to take my master’s degree, but until then I want to develop my Swedish language.

In my spare time I like to photograph and workout. In Syria I trained FightDo, which is a group exercise that combines choreography and dance with kicks and punches.

Great to have you here. What do you expect of your internship and how is your experience so far?
I hope to be able to interact with employees and get a clearer picture of how the Swedish working structures look like. I also want to learn more Swedish. So far I perceive you as very friendly and open. You seems to have clear structures, yet an open climate. I’m used to a much more formal structure.
Glad you’re here , good luck with everything!