Covid-19 has affected us all. We believe that in times like this, our ability to cooperate and communicate is more valuable than ever. Therefore, we gathered our best tips for everyone working remotely.

More into infographics? – We made one and placed it at the end, feel free to share and help others! 🙂

**List is updated daily**


Don’t panic – organize! 🎯

Structure is key. While working from home, it’s important to have a structured way of approaching your day.

Tip: Get up, get dressed, find a place at home not associated with other non-work activites and ”go to work”.

Don’t forget to socialize 🗣

There are many benefits with human interaction. Now is not the time to stop socializing. At Elvenite we have online fika-breaks at 15:00 every day!

Tip: Always use the camera in digital meetings, and have many meetings. In times like this, communication is more important than ever.

Endorphins make you happy🌞

It’s easy to get stuck on your couch when working från home.
Don’t forget that endorphins and vitamin D boosts your

productivity and happiness!

Tip: Start your day with a walk, or try some YouTube yoga!


Yoga with adriene – Great online yoga, videos for every level of experience.

Live-streamed workout classes – Many fitness studios are streaming workout classes for free, here’s a list!

Embrace the perks 🛀

There are a lot of good things with working from home – focus on what you get, not what you loose.

Tip: Sleep in, put on your bathrobe, play your favorite music, who’s going to stop you?

To cool for tools? 🛠

Minor setback for a major comeback. Working from home is not a problem with all digital tools available at your hands. 

Tip: Try Teams, Trello, Slack, Miro, Planner…The list of great tools is long.


Microsoft Teams – We use it daily for videocalls, chatting and coworking, its awsome! Full of integrations and apps for almost every challenge.

Slack – Like Teams but not microsoft, pick your choice.

Trello – Organize your projects and tasks on boards, lists and cards. Simple, flexible and fun!

Microsoft Planner – Organize teamwork, almost like Trello but microsoft, same here, take your pick!

Miro – Simple and fast online whiteboard. Cooperate with your team, brainstorm or use it in meetings. Only takes 1 minute to get started!


Help others ❤️

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. And respect others in this historical time. Trust people and help each other to make the best out of this situation.

Tip: Shop groceries for risk groups and order food from local restaurants, cooperation is key!


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