According to us, Podio is the world’s best collaboration platform, where you in a simple, efficient and transparent manor can handle everything from projects, customer registries, business leads to event planning and documentation. That’s why we are incredibly proud and happy about having been chosen to be part of an exclusive and global group of partners – Podio Preferred Partners (PPP). Podio was established in Denmark and is now a part of Citrix. Elvenite AB is Sweden’s first PPP.

Podio is growing fast and to be able to offer their clients the best support they’ve recently launched a new partner model. Being a Podio Preferred Partner means that we have a close dialogue with Podio about a number of concerns, such as development plans and market activities. Moreover it gives us the convenience of being part of a very active and dynamic with other partners where we continuously discuss and share experiences and tips around Podio.

Cooperation and Communication – in a mobile and flexible way

We know you probably have a number of processes in your organization that you manage through e-mails and documents. The challenges of that workflow are many and known. Did the right people get the information? How do I know which is the latest version of this document? How can I give feedback in a structured way without risking drenching those concerned in long mail threads? Podio is the answer to those questions.


As a fundamental part of Elvenite’s offer of Social Enterprise we, as Podio Preferred Partner can help with everything from implementation, installation and integrations with Podio. We also readily share our experiences to enable your organization to begin communicating and working together in a more efficient and more fun way.

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Whether you are a human resources expert, sales manager, project manager, development manager, marketing director or a small entrepreneur, Podio gives you the possibility of customizing your own applications. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about how we can help your company or organization to become the winners of tomorrow!