podio-preferred-partnerPodio is a social collaboration tool that allows your company and your employees to share information and exchange knowledge with each other as well as with customers, suppliers and partners to leverage the power of the collective knowledge within a network.


The flexible collaboration tool that fits you

In Podio you can quickly and easily build your own apps. You tailor your apps to your company’s specific needs, whether it concern sales and customer relationship management, project management, or recruitment. With specific apps, we now use Podio as our CRM system, to handle job applications, and for vacation planning.
With an activity stream view very similar to Facebook’s, Podio is very easy for everybody to use like a social intranet. Together with your colleagues you can share status messages, links, files, and images. Of course you can send private messages and create tasks, for you to do or anyone else.

With cloud functionality you will always have access to all your information in Podio. Downloading Podio to your iPhone or Android you can work in Podio no matter where you are; on the bus, at the airport, or in the elevator on the way up to an important customer meeting. The moment you create a new app in Podio, it becomes immediately available – also in your smartphone.

What does Elvenite offer?

As a proud partner to Podio, Elvenite helps you with everything from consultancy and analysis of how Podio can be used in order to enhance your business, to offer support when getting started with Podio as putting up apps and workflows, and to train users.
Our long experience and strong skills in business development, business integration and business analysis make us an excellent partner if you need to integrate Podio with any of your company’s existing processes or IT-systems.

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