At Elvenite expertise in databases are an important part of our offer. To keep our knowledge up-to-date and at the same time collaborate with universities the students Maria Wikner and Ingrid Larsson (Stockholm University) were tasked with writing a degree project at Elvenite during the spring. The degree project is an examination and practical comparison of different types of databases and the result was presented on the 28th of June.


Not just SQL

Today, relational databases are the most common choice, but now these are getting competition from NoSQL databases (which are not based on or compatible with SQL). The purpose of the degree project was examining whether any of these newer databases now or in the near future are a good alternative for us to work with together with our clients. The degree project contains both literature and research studies with comparisons of different databases and practical comparisons of performance and functionality. The practical tests were made with reading and writing of data, similar to the daily challenges that our clients may face.

Change may solve performance issues

The degree project led to the conclusion that changing from a relation database to a NoSQL database could solve performance issues, since the tests showed considerably higher speeds. Although another aspect of the conclusion was that problems still exist with the newer NoSQL databases, because of the absence of a standardised query language. This made the comparison of the databases harder, and also posed a risk for the users, since support and knowledge are still limited.
We give our biggest thanks to Maria and Ingrid for your work! Thanks to this study, we have a greater knowledge and we feel even more secure in advising our customers in what database to choose.
Do you want to take part of the results of this degree project? Contact us and we’ll let you know more.