Sustainable farming of seafood

A growing industry for sustainable consumption

Aquaculture – fish farming – is the fastest growing industry in the agricultural sector.
More than half of all the fish we consume nowadays is farmed, and the trend seems to indicate that this figure will continue to increase over the next few years.

Digitisation of fish Farms

Today, more than half of all the seafood we consume is currently farmed. Aquaculture is an industry undergoing constant development, and it’s now facing a voyage of digitalisation discovery that will revolutionise the way in which we farm fish and shellfish.

Large data volumes, modern technology and smart systems will be used to transform the industry and improve conditions for sustainable seafood farming.


Farmed fish

Fish Health and Advanced analysis

Farming fish takes time, and it’s not unusual for as much as 20% of the farmed fish to be lost during the long production cycle. The health of the fish is important – not only to guarantee good production, but also to counter wastage and reduce medication and environmental impact.

The individual and open data sources of today provide incredible opportunities to maintain and develop fish farms sustainably. Advanced analytics and prediction can be used to visualise health at fish farms, paving the way for opportunities to make smart, data-driven decisions.



Better analysis with more data sources

Having lots of data sources can create more dimensions for your reports, giving you a more in-depth insight into both your business and the industry. Financial reports in the aquaculture industry are often based on information from many different systems and data sources. A modern Business Analytics tool can be used to turn large volumes of structured and unstructured data into comprehensible information in the form of reports and dashboards.

salmon lice, prediction and advanced analysis


Systems like FishTalk and Mercatus often have built-in reporting options but don’t come with options for analysis together with biological and financial data from other systems. Integrated Business Analytics tools eliminate data silos and pave the way for analysis of everything from finance and biomass to wastage and salmon lice. This information is visualised using smart chart solutions or three-dimensional graphs per cage, location or region.

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