Business analytics

Advanced business analysis. Regardless of time, location or device.

Take the plunge and become a data-driven company

Create the right conditions to meet future requirements from customers and consumers with the assistance of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.


Would you like to gain more of an overview of your business, simplify the ways in which you obtain information and create new insights from your business systems? Maybe you have several different systems that require an unnecessary amount of involvement when you want to view important information?

We can help you to produce information and visualise it clearly by getting to know your business and utilising your own resources on the basis of what you actually need, allowing you to make fast decisions driven by data.

Elvenite-Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Automate collection of your data from various data sources in a fast, quality-assured data warehouse, which will provide you with a consistent structure and a common interface for your analysis tools. Predefined business logic will streamline analysis and processing of data, guaranteeing consistent results no matter which analysis tool you choose to work with.

Elvenite-Data Management

Data Management

Gain control over the life cycle of your data, from its creation to its final deletion or archiving. Minimise the risk of legal and regulatory breaches, and ensure you always have the right data to hand. Your data is worth its weight in gold. Make sure you look after it so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Elvenite-Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Take your insights and decisions to a new level by visualising KPIs and metrics in dashboards and reports.
Benefit from scalable, user-friendly solutions that can help you to turn complex, unstructured data into simple, interactive reports for smart initiatives that will help you to develop your business.

Elvenite-Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Use predictive analytics to predict what will happen. Link your data sources together and allow advanced algorithms to analyse patterns and trends in your data. Don’t just analyse what’s happened – focus on what will happen as well..



A specialist analyst will help you to benefit from both internal and external data sources, enhance your insights and make data-driven decisions with the assistance of prediction and advanced analytics.

Project manager

Senior project managers will help you to intertwine system knowledge
and industry intelligence, creating synergies for the entire business while also eliminating your data silos and visualising factors for success.


Our architects optimise the value of your data using smart solutions and advanced BI architecture. Turning your data into insights is easy when your databases, data warehouse and other data sources are structured effectively.

Shape the future with advanced analysis

Create greater insight with your data

Develop the business and grow the business through data-driven decisions.

How are sales compared to the previous week, month and year? Can changes in placement or pricing model increase volumes and revenues?

How can you keep costs down while also enhancing customer satisfaction in the complex local and global logistics chains of today? Real-time data and advanced dashboards allow you to make smart decisions for both your business and the environment.


Which processes generate positive effects, and which should be changed? Having large amounts of data will allow you to identify bottlenecks in your business while also visualising success factors.


Is your warehouse adapted for net sales optimisation? You can create new insights into how you should configure your warehouse by analysing parameters such as picking, placement and net sales, allowing you to streamline your processes and increase your business.


How can you gain control over your cash flow in a way that prevents unpleasant surprises related to revenues and expenditure? Linking and analysing multiple data sources will make your forecasts more accurate and allow you to control your finances more effectively.


How is your machinery doing, and how often do you actually need to service your machines so as not to affect production? An efficiency report is an easy way of visualising whether anything needs to be rectified, ensuring your customers always have good experiences with you.

Visualize your success with intelligent solutions

Elvenite can help you to benefit effectively from your business system and make its information easy to understand so that you can use it whenever you need to. Our partnerships with Qlik, Infor and Microsoft provides us with access to the most renowned and user-friendly decision support tools on the market.

Kavli reckons QlikView is a powerful tool that helps to make complicated things easy, facilitates real-time analysis and is able to interlink multiple data sources.

Cecilie Bertelsen, Project Manager
Kavli A/S

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