Business Process Services

Increase your digitalization rate with a strategic partner.

When your business simply has to work

Elvenite Business Process Services make day-to-day operations easier for our customers, making sure that technology works and identifying processes that need to be improved. We use security and predictability to help our customers on a daily basis.

Develop your business with top-level expertise

A tailor-made team can help you to reinforce your business in all the right places.

BI / ERP / Data Warehouse

You can easily build a digitisation team with specialist consultants working with ERP (Infor M3), Integration, Business Analytics (Qlik, Birst, PowerBI), Relex, data Warehouse and Monitoring.


Provide end-users with the support they need, with support and sales support functions that pave the way for problem-free day-to-day operations and a fantastic customer experience.


Maintain control over security and enhance communication using future-proof IT solutions. An infrastructure specialist act as a bridge between technology and users taking local services to the cloud.


Customer service

Facilitate everyday life for your organization with really good and structured service. You can use Helpdesk and Support to streamline case management and allow experts to deal with day-to-day issues relating to systems and the business.


Data center

Make sure that your IT and infrastructure environment is always monitored and updated. Backups and smart cloud solutions minimise the risk of critical stoppages and free up the energy contained in the very latest in digital service solutions.


Business development

Accelerate your business development with the assistance of cloud-based services and solutions. Working with a digitisation partner who really knows the industry will reinforce your position on the market and optimise the benefits of your business and decision support system.

Simple price model

Simple price model

Keep expenses under control with fixed, predefined costs. You can use a flexible price model and predefined SLAs to adapt services and costs according to your needs, so allowing you to avoid paying for solutions that you’re not using.

Elvenite hasn’t just freed up valuable time that we can invest in our customers. They’ve also given us the opportunity to relax our grip on operation and support and focus more on digitisation and business benefits.

Thomas Berglund, IT/VU-chef, Coop Värmland

Some of our Customers

Powerful services for increased efficiency

Fixed pricing and predefined SLAs can help you to increase the efficiency of your business while also keeping track of costs.

Harness the power of secure, updated, scalable IT services. Services such as operation and application monitoring, backup and support free up resources so that more people can work on development instead of monitoring the company core business.
Sales support
We help to automate your manual processes and provide quality assurance of your base data so that you can offer painless EDI management and other factors.
Supply of goods
Automate goods supply and digitise your company procedures and processes with the assistance of services such as Relex and Infor MRP. Automated goods supply helps to reduce gaps on shelves while also allowing you to keep track of items and flows.
Having a support function that takes overall responsibility for case management, both internal and external, gives you more time to work with customers and your core business. A proactive help desk gives you structure and solutions to your challenges, helping you to turn problems into opportunities.
Reduce checkout downtime and guarantee a good buying experience. Whether you have card payments that won’t go through or scales that have stopped working, knowing all about retail trade technology and systems is crucial for efficient checkout support and the whole customer experience.
Customer relationships
For us, good customer relations involve open and creative discussion focusing on creating a fantastic customer experience. We want to be part of the lives of our customers and work on site to help deal with the challenges and opportunities that our customers face.
Customer assignments
Every project is unique, and sometimes you just don’t have enough internal resources to implement structural and digital change projects. We use our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of improvement and digitisation projects to help customers create new digital solutions from old and obsolete processes, for example. All this happens while our customer’s day-to-day business goes on around us.
Maintain control over servers and service applications with real-time monitoring of the company’s IT environment. We use periodised and proactive health checks to ensure your base data is always of high quality.
Complement your internal resources and increase your development and digitisation rate. Our business consultants have extensive experience and top-level expertise in the food industry.

Some of our Partners

We use strong partnerships to provide a one-stop shop to help reinforce your business.

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