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We know the industry
and your challenges

What if you could take a complex problem to one partner and find all the solutions under one roof?

This is the place. At Elvenite, we help you with everything from ERP systems and business insights to reducing waste in production and creating smart data solutions.

We have been helping large food companies grow and create value for over 15 years. And we are sure that we can help you too.

Whether it’s a business system going to the cloud, or a data warehouse that needs to be built, we will meet you where you are today and take you to the next level.

ERP/Business systems

Business Insights

Data driven decisions

IT & Business Operations

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Project management

Agile working methods



“The smoothest project I have ever been involved in…”


When the IT manager of one of Norway’s most important food producers says so about moving their entire business system to the cloud, it makes us smile.

That yet another one of our customers now has a first-class platform to develop and grow their business with also feels good in the stomach.

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Create success through smart analysis

Create success through smart analysis

CREATING SUCCESS THROUGHSMART ANALYSISManaging a large volume of data makes it essential not only to collect information but also to analyze it in a structured and targeted manner. Building a smart analysis is a powerful method that leads to deeper insights,...

This is self-learning AI

This is self-learning AI

THIS IS SELF-LEARNING AIAI in the food industryWhen you stream a series on Netflix or enjoy a carefully curated playlist on Spotify, sophisticated algorithms work quietly in the background, tailoring your recommendations to your preferences. This technology, known as...

A look at infor’s multi-tenant strategy 2024

A look at infor’s multi-tenant strategy 2024

A LOOK AT INFOR'S MULTI-TENANT STRATEGY 2024ERP & IntegrationEverything digital is constantly changing. Thanks to cloud computing, ERP is no exception. Infor with their ERP cloud solutions is driving a strategic pivot towards a multi-tenant architecture. This move...