Hello! We are Elvenite.
We are making the food industry smarter.

Food waste

It is basically about caring. One third of all food produced in the world is not eaten. At the same time, there are those who have no food at all. Silly, isn’t it?

If we continue like this, we will completely destroy our planet. And then it will be very difficult to stay. For you, me, us and our children’s great-grandchildren.

The future

Since 2007, together with Scandinavia’s largest and most influential food companies, we’ve been trying to change that by doing what we do best. Smart technology, data and curiosity. We believe in working together and daring to challenge in order to change.

Elvenite was founded in 2007 in a barn in Värmland. Four good friends put their heads together, and that was the start. Now we are almost 100 colleagues, and a part of a publicly-traded company. CombinedX, a family of knowledge companies that help organizations take advantage of the opportunities with digitalization. Our offices are located in Karlstad, Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. The results of our work can be found all over the world.

Sweden's best workplace in 2023
The Office

Our values

Caring / Curiosity /Efficiency

To always care about others and yourself. To always be curious about tomorrow and to dare to try new ways. To always make things as simple and straightforward as possible.



We are always looking for new friendly people to join us. Get in touch with Thereseif you think we could be something for you.


Making the food industry
smarter and more sustainable

Since our establishment in 2007, our primary focus has been on fostering an organization built on trust and integrity, principles that continue to anchor all our relationships – both external and internal

Today, we are nearly 100 colleagues and team players who all prioritize teamwork over individual success. As part of the publicly listed CombinedX, a consortium of knowledge-driven companies, we are dedicated to helping organizations leverage the opportunities of digitalization.

We strive to cultivate long-term relationships and partnerships. Our goal is to enable our clients to focus on what they do best, and our ambition is to assist them in doing so as efficiently and intelligently as possible.

Curious to learn more about us? Welcome!

47% women
men 53%


A part of

Swedens best
workplace 2023

Europe’s 9th best
workplace 2023

Our Values

Thoughtfulness. Curiosity. Efficiency.

Always care for others, each other, and yourself. Always be curious about tomorrow and dare to try new paths. Always make things as simple and straightforward as possible.

We firmly believe that when people feel good, they perform well. Work-life balance, learning, and development are therefore strong cornerstones of our culture.

Equality is another crucial pillar of our culture. Our differences, if utilized correctly, are a strength that fosters growth and is one of the reasons behind our success.


Our history

Elvenite is founded by four friends in Hammarö in Värmland.

Our first employee is hired.

Elvenite ranks first in Almi’s growth list.

Named a DI Gasell company,
opens an office in Stockholm.

Expands to Norway.

Becomes part of Combined Excellence, now CombinedX.

Opens an office in Malmö.

Reaches a turnover of 100 million SEK.

Opens an office in Gothenburg,
changes visual identity.

Named Sweden’s best workplace,
expands to Finland.

Begins merging with M3CS to become the Nordic region’s leading specialist in Infor M3 and related AI and BI services.

Our history

Elvenite was founded in 2007 on Hammarö, just outside Karlstad, by four good friends with a vision to create something truly special. With a generous dose of thoughtfulness, a strong sense of curiosity, and a pinch of efficiency, what would one day become one of Sweden’s best workplaces began to take shape.

Our name

The name Elvenite originates from our desire to symbolize both what we work with—processes, a continuous flow, and movement—and a forward-thinking approach.

Inspired by the river Klarälven, which flows through Värmland and empties into Lake Vänern in Karlstad, the suggestion “Älven” (Swedish for “the river”) emerged. To complement this with IT, we developed the name Elvenite. The name was chosen to be internationally adaptable, a choice that has since been confirmed.

Our offices

Our offices are located in Karlstad, Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, and Helsinki, but the results of our work extend worldwide.

The Office