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A robust BI solution enables you to easily analyze your data and ensure that everyone within the company has a unified understanding. This provides the right information to the right person at the right time, regardless of how, when, or where they are accessing it. The need for decision support varies across your organization, and to trust the data, it must be live-updated, accurate, well-structured, and, most importantly, easy to understand.

Today, we support Scandinavia’s largest food companies in collecting, analyzing, and visualizing their data.

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Present your data in a simple way. So that you can transform complex data into easily understandable stories and make wise decisions.


Data analysis

Create a basis for strategic decisions by transforming cross-functional data into valuable information and insights.

IT Operations

BI strategy

Measure the right things, find competitive advantages, and use your data and statistics to steer your business towards success.


Data architecture

Measure the right things, find competitive advantages, and use your data and statistics to steer your business towards success.


Data warehouse

Automate the collection of your data from various sources into a fast, quality-assured data warehouse. This ensures a unified structure and a common interface for your analytics tools. By implementing predefined business logic, you streamline the analysis and processing of data, ensuring consistent results regardless of the analytical tools you use.


Data management

Gain control over the lifecycle of your data, from creation to final deletion or archiving. Minimize the risk of legal and regulatory breaches, and ensure you always have the right data at your fingertips. Your data is invaluable — take good care of it to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

IT Operations

Business Intelligence

Elevate your insights and decision-making by visualizing KPIs and metrics through intuitive dashboards and reports. Leverage scalable, user-friendly solutions to transform complex and unstructured data into clear, interactive reports, enabling you to develop your business intelligently.


Advanced Analytics

Predict Future Outcomes with Predictive Analytics. Integrate your data sources and leverage advanced algorithms to uncover patterns and trends. Go beyond analyzing past events—focus on forecasting future developments.

Norway’s largest bakery succeeded in reducing its overproduction
by 33% using visualized business data.

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Develop a BI strategy that helps you achieve your business goals


Are you aware that you have access to an actual goldmine in your own data? In your data, insights are hidden that can be used to make better decisions, achieve higher profitability, and more efficient work. However, data is often scattered across multiple areas and systems.

A good BI solution gathers all your data in one place so that you can easily analyze and monitor what’s happening in your business. To ensure that your BI solution works as well as possible, a strategy is needed. Through creative workshops, studies, and strategies, we can help you identify needs, problems, and opportunities to maximize the benefits of your BI solution.


Building a modern data architecture


Data architecture is the framework of the IT infrastructure supporting your data and business strategy. The goal is essentially to show how data should be collected, transported, stored, used, and secured.

The data architecture determines your company’s agility and enables you to quickly adapt. If your company were a chess piece, your data architecture would determine your possible moves on the board. A primitive data architecture allows you to move like a pawn, while a modern data architecture turns your company into the queen.

We can help you create a clear image of everything that is going on in your business, make sure that everyone has the information they need and that all systems are connected. We achieve this through senior solution architects, Data Warehousing, Data management, Big Data, and Data Lakes.

Data visualization – the key to actually understanding your data


Your data contains important information that you can use to drive your business forward. However, the data doesn’t help you if you don’t actually understand what the numbers are telling you.

With useful, smart visualizations, it becomes easier to discover relationships and patterns, measure KPIs, and reach insights that might not have been visible before.

Data visualization makes it easy to absorb and share information that can be used to make wise, well-founded decisions.

We help you transform your complex data into stories that can be used to see the big picture, visualize results, track trends, and understand the impact of decisions, strategies, and relationships.

Pose the right questions to your data and create new insights


To make your data tell you what you want to know, you need to ask the right questions. But what are the right questions?

Our data analysts specialize in the food & beverage industry and have extensive experience with the various challenges and systems that companies in the food & beverage industry face.

We help you connect your data sources, leverage external sources, and use advanced algorithms to analyze patterns and trends. So that you can quickly analyze what has happened, focus on what is going to happen, and create new insights to make proactive decisions.

We help you develop the best analysis methods for your business so that you can get to know your data and learn to ask the right questions.

Visualize your success with intelligent solutions

We help you efficiently utilize your business system, ensuring that its information is comprehensible and immediately usable. With our expertise, you gain access to the market’s most user-friendly and renowned business intelligence tools. Our platform-independent approach allows us to recommend the best solutions tailored specifically to you and your business needs.

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