Data driven decisions

Do you have a lot of data but find it challenging to know how to use it effectively?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Organizations in the food industry today have more data than ever before. Despite this, many don’t feel they have more actionable information. The amount of data in the world is increasing exponentially, and it needs to be managed to be useful, whether it’s structured or unstructured data.

We can show you how to leverage the data you already have to create value and become a more data-driven organization by focusing on your specific problems, challenges, and opportunities.


Customer Success Story:
How Coop optimized their in store bake-off with Open Data

Bake-off products present a significant opportunity for additional sales but can unfortunately also generate considerable waste. Therefore, we initiated a project with Coop Värmland to see if we could optimize in-store baking through data analysis. The goal of the project was to create a model for when and what is most efficient to bake, in order to minimize waste.

Read more about the project and the exciting results by clicking the link below.

Data Science


Digitalization means that much of what we do leaves traces in the form of data. The data contains information about us and what we do.

In Data Science, we work to extract information from these traces of data. The information is then transformed into knowledge both for us as consultants and for our customers. The effect of this is that we build new knowledge while also challenging and testing the knowledge we already had. In this way, both we and our customers become even smarter.



A user interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it’s not very good. Complex workflows, large systems, and complicated processes require simple interfaces that the user can easily navigate and understand.

We develop customer-specific solutions where the synergy between technology and design simplifies the user experience. An application should be smooth, stylish, intelligent, and create business value for you and the company. We achieve this through smart data management, workflow optimization, and well-thought-out design solutions.



Automation means letting a machine or technology perform a task. The processes that are best suited for automation are those that are manual or repetitive, meaning when the same thing needs to be done in the same way over and over again.

We help you identify, evaluate, and prioritize possible automations. Then, we map out and evaluate which technology is best suited and create the automation itself. Once that is done, it is time for testing, evaluation, and implementation.

Agnes Lindell Elvenite

New business opportunities.
Better insights.

Data is a vital part of your business’s success. Being data driven provides you with better insights into trends over time, allowing you to streamline processes, become aware of issues, and pay attention to new innovations and business opportunities. Data driven organizations have a more complete view of the business and can make decisions based on a holistic perspective.

When we talk about data driven insights, we are not particularly interested in the technology behind it. Instead, we focus on your needs and can ask the right questions based on what is possible to do with data.

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Curious about how you can leverage data driven decisions and methods to develop your business? We help you get started without the need for large investments in time and products.

The hardest part is often taking the first step. Where should one begin? We have developed a simple workshop that helps you identify the need, find solutions, and take that first important step.

The workshop is completely digital, takes about 30 minutes, and is entirely free.

Our skilled team will help you increase your knowledge level about the opportunities within Data Science, App Development, and Automation, and how you can transform these opportunities into increased business value.

Regardless of whether you are entirely new to these fields or have already begun, we will meet you where you are and help you advance to the next level. So get in touch whether you want help motivating and educating your colleagues or if you are ready to start using AI in your business.

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