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Elvenite is dedicated to exploring and communicating how AI affects the food industry. Here you will find a collection of insights, news, and practical applications that highlight AI’s role as a central driving force for the future food system.

Through our articles and resources, you can delve deep into AI’s capacity to reshape the industry, from improved food safety to sustainable production techniques. Let’s explore the exciting possibilities that AI offers in the food industry together.

Elvenite in the AI Podcast: Optimizing the Food Industry with AI

Discover how our Agnes Lindell highlights the role of AI in the food industry in a captivating episode of the AI Podcast. She shares successes in creating data-driven solutions, from inventory optimization with significant savings to innovative use of AI in cultivation. Agnes also offers practical tips for becoming data-driven and reveals her favorite AI tools, providing a unique insight into effective AI use beyond common solutions like chatbots.

Change on the menu

AI in the food industry is not just a trend, it’s a revolution that’s creating change throughout the entire chain, from farm to table. Thanks to services like ChatGPT, AI has suddenly become more understandable and accessible to many. This technological transformation comes with enormous potential to deeply improve and streamline all aspects of food production and distribution.

With AI, companies in the food industry can optimize production chains and logistics. By analyzing and predicting demand in real-time, AI can reduce waste, improve efficiency, and lead to significant cost savings. Moreover, AI can help ensure food safety and quality by providing advanced tools for inspection and quality control.

Elvenite and AI

We live at the intersection of technology and potential,
where AI meets the food industry.

Our expertise ranges from developing deep learning models to understand genetic values in salmon farming, to deciphering complex buying patterns in your local grocery store. We combine sophisticated technology with our deep understanding of the food sector to create AI solutions that are not only innovative, but also effective and above all, customized to your business.

With us, you get a partner who is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic, with the ability to turn the complexity of AI into concrete, valuable solutions. We believe in using AI to drive progress and growth in the food industry, and we’re here to help you take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

Let’s explore how we can together optimize your company’s operations, streamline your processes, and maximize your business outcomes with the help of AI. Welcome to take the step towards the future of the food industry with Elvenite.

Seeds meet the future

Research project with Lantmännen to treat seeds with AI

Seeds meet the future

Research project with Lantmännen to treat seeds with AI

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