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We are Elvenite. Our purpose is to make the food industry smarter, and to do that, we need to grow our team. We always have room for caring and curious people with smart ideas who want to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sweden’s best workplace


We who work here are quite different. We believe that is one of the reasons why we have so much fun together. Different people see different things, have different strengths and can help each other move forward. If everything is the same all the time, it becomes calm and comfortable…and eventually boring. We want more than that.

The best thing about working at a tech company?

Meet some of our staff

Meet some of our staff

Where do you work best?

With us, you can work just about anywhere.
At home? Sure! The summer cottage? No problem! You choose what suits you best. But it must be said that we have a lot of fun in our offices, so many of us are here almost all the time.

Our offices are located in

Karlstad – Headquarters. Good coffee!
Stockholm – Great at wine tastings
Malmö – Falafel! Nuff said.
Gothenburg – Little London of Scandinavia!
Helsinki – Just opened!
Oslo – Just a mailbox really.

What you get with us at Elvenite


Almost 100 caring and nice new friends as colleagues.

Flexible work. You choose where and when you want to work. We operate with 14 days of flexible hours, so if you need to run an errand during the day or want to leave early one day, no problem.

Lots of fun activities and kick-offs. We love to have fun, and you will notice that. That’s why we often come up with things to do together. After-works, paddle tournaments, running groups, joint training sessions, game nights and dinners. If you want to have fun, there are plenty of opportunities! And then we usually take the whole gang on a joint kick-off to some nice mansion or a spa.

Generous wellness allowance. Choose how you use it, it is enough for both a gym card and massage. Or if you prefer to go to the mountains and ski. If you are fit and healthy, we are happy!

All employees have access to expert financial advice and help with investing pension savings.

Regular development discussions. Just like in school! But more fun. A relaxed conversation between you and your manager where you talk about your goals and what support you need to achieve them.

Personal development and specialization. As our employee, you will always have a personal development plan agreed between you and your manager. Do you want to become Sweden’s best M3 consultant or learn how to manage teams and run projects? No problem!

Massage during office hours. Every other week, a masseur comes to us and kneads us until we are nicely relaxed.

Hi Therese!

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Send an email or give Therese a call, and she will be happy to tell you more. She loves to talk, so she will be delighted if you get in touch 😊

Therese Gawor 
Head of marketing/Recruiter specialist & talent acquisition

[email protected]

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