Intersnack Enhances Operations
with Elvenite

Intersnack, a global snack giant operating in over 30 countries, is known in the Nordics for its popular brands Estrella and Maarud. The company has experienced remarkable growth and success over the years. However, with expansion and acquisitions, a multitude of IT systems and solutions have emerged, becoming increasingly complex to manage as the company continues to grow.

A Unified Solution for All Subsidiaries

To create a solution that simplifies, streamlines, and coordinates the various business processes and systems of all subsidiaries, Intersnack embarked on an ambitious project. They identified the processes and needs of all value streams, resulting in a “blueprint” that defined the unified delivery per process, focusing on needs, workflows, and solution requirements.

The solution was to consolidate all operational systems within Infor’s product portfolio. In 2021, the first subsidiary successfully went live. By placing all systems and solutions in a unified environment, administration is reduced, leading to higher quality, fewer errors, less duplication of work, and smoother operations. Additionally, time is freed up for more creative and innovative tasks, which are critical for the company’s long-term success.


The Task. Create a future BI architecture and solution for Intersnack

Elvenite was entrusted with creating a long-term solution that covers the analysis and reporting needs of all processes for future implementation across all companies in the group, involving thousands of users. We have contributed business expertise, architectural roles, and developer perspectives to the project, which has been ongoing for several years.

Our collaboration with Intersnack continues to thrive (10/10 in NPS – a measure of customer satisfaction), and we are now working to further develop their processes and solutions. Over the coming years, we will implement modern cloud solutions from Amazon, Microsoft, and Qlik in more of their subsidiaries and countries, ensuring they can continue to expand and drive innovation from a global perspective.

Strong partnership and collaboration

Our collaboration with Intersnack is a clear example of what can be achieved through a strong partnership and commitment to innovation and improvement. Together, we have laid the foundation for a bright future where the company can continue to expand, offer high-quality products to customers worldwide, and create new, exciting opportunities for its employees.

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