Significant Time Savings & Reduced Waste with Automated Order Entry at Skånemejerier

Skånemejerier’s vision is to be the most sustainable dairy in Sweden. Producing approximately 200,000 tons of dairy products annually, it’s beneficial for the planet if everything produced ends up where it belongs—in the stomachs of happy customers.

Achieving this requires a skilled team ensuring all orders go where they need to, and quickly, as dairy products are perishable with a limited shelf life.

About 70% of orders are processed through the M3 ERP system, but 30% still arrive in someone’s email as Excel sheets or PDFs. This requires someone to drop everything, transfer the data from the email into M3, which is time-consuming, not particularly fulfilling, and prone to errors.

To address this issue, we developed an automation solution using UI Path, a tool for automating processes and routines. The robot, named Robin, autonomously transfers information from PDFs and Excel sheets into M3 without anyone needing to lift a finger.

Skånemejerier warehouse

Today, Robin saves Skånemejerier approximately 12 hours per week. The plan is that Robin will soon be able to take care of all orders that are currently manual. saving up to the equivalent of 1.5 full-time positions. That’s a substantial amount of time that can be redirected towards more enjoyable and value-creating tasks.

But isn’t the staff currently handling these tasks worried about a robot taking over their jobs? Actually, they’re not.

The staff appreciates it because they can now focus more on proactive dialogues with their counterparts on the customer side, benefiting both the customer and their clients.

“The project has been excellent because there were no real risks involved. We initially assigned someone to double-check the orders Robin processed to ensure everything worked correctly. We are gradually adding customers to Robin’s task list, steadily eliminating manual order entries entirely. We are very satisfied!”

Rebecka Bergsjö, Customer Service Manager – Skånemejerier

Summary: Skånemejerier enlisted the help of Elvenite to automate their manual order entry process using a robot. Today, the robot saves approximately 12 hours per week, with the potential to save the equivalent of 1.5 full-time positions once fully implemented. This solution can also reduce waste in the long term by minimizing human error.

Thank you, Skånemejerier, for a great collaboration. We look forward to continuing to make the food industry smarter together!

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