Visualizing data reduces waste and increases engagement at Bakehuset

Since implementing QlikView, life has become much easier for Bakehuset, Norway’s largest bakery. The integration has streamlined production planning and the selection of suppliers and raw materials. Inventory levels are always up-to-date, and bakers stay informed.
But it wasn’t always this way.

The challenge of providing fresh bread daily

When hungry Norwegian schoolchildren open their “matepakke” (packed lunch), they often find four slices of kneipp bread with gouda cheese and ham. This tradition dates back to 1935, when the “Oslofrokosten” (Oslo breakfast) was introduced to schoolchildren in the capital.

In fact, Norwegians consume more bread per capita than any other European country. Bread is a cornerstone of Norwegian cuisine, and yesterday’s loaf simply won’t do. That’s why it’s crucial for Bakehuset, Norway’s largest bakery, to promise its customers “Fresh bread every day at your local store.”

Achieving this in a country characterized by ferries, winding roads, and vast fjords is no small feat.

But Bakehuset’s trucks keep rolling. From the company’s eleven local bakeries, they make 1,850 deliveries daily, covering a distance equivalent to half the circumference of the Earth.

Smart apps help Bakehuset make data-driven decisions

Elvenite assisted Bakehuset in consolidating its operational data into a data warehouse and integrating QlikView with Infor M3.

This automated the information process, enabling easy sharing of visualizations and reports with users via web interfaces or local clients.

With the help of these apps, employees have gained a deeper understanding of the business and actively contribute to the company’s production development.

Bread from Bakehuset

Clear Inventory Status for Products and Raw Materials at All Facilities

After a period of learning and fine-tuning, the bakers could clearly see the status of their own and other bakeries’ production. They could track how much bread was sold and baked, the amount of raw materials in stock, planned deliveries, and inventory levels across all facilities. All of this and much more was accomplished.

“Bakers were tasked with reducing overproduction using the new tool, both locally and by finding synergies with other production facilities” explains Hege Solheim, CFO at Bakehuset.

Bakehusets Qlik Apps

The initial Qlik apps implemented at Bakehuset manage sales, production, inventory, facilities, and orders.

By leveraging visualized business data, Bakehuset has reduced its overproduction by 33%.

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