Elvenite named Sweden’s best workplace!

It is with great joy that we can announce that Elvenite has been named Sweden’s best workplace in the category of medium-sized organizations with 50-249 employees. Behind the award is Great Place To Work, which conducts the world’s largest annual employee survey.

We have qualified for the prestigious list for three years in a row, and this year we have been named Sweden’s best workplace. The award is a nice recognition of our commitment to creating a work environment where all employees enjoy themselves and can develop.

– At Elvenite, we are driven by constantly developing and challenging ourselves both as a company and as individuals. If you really want to create the best workplace, you have to want and be able to do this every day. We are convinced that a world-class workplace provides better conditions for creating innovation, customer value, and the courage to be long-term. When employees feel seen, needed, and noticed, this leads to better performance, and we create more value for our customers,” says Mathias Dyberg, CEO of Elvenite.


About the award

Great Place To Work is an international organization that conducts the world’s largest annual employee survey with 19.8 million employees in 106 countries. Their methods and criteria for the awards are based on extensive research on what creates a great workplace. Our strong workplace culture, combined with growth in both economy and sustainability, has impressed the jury.

Our recipe for a great workplace

The award is also a confirmation that our strategy for creating long-term sustainability works. We have worked purposefully to develop the workplace culture and create an environment where all employees feel included, valued, and engaged. We believe that a mix of different ages, experiences, and backgrounds that grow and develop together is what creates strong teams. At Elvenite, almost as many women work as men (46%), which is a high proportion compared to the IT industry as a whole, where the average is only 23%.

– Now we aim to become the world’s best workplace. We are convinced that we constantly need to develop our workplace to be a long-term sustainable growth company. Over the years, we have seen several pieces of evidence that our corporate culture has strongly contributed to success. If employees are engaged, share a common goal, and feel secure, an enormous force is released that helps our customers succeed,” concludes Mathias Dyberg.

Great Place To Work - Sweden's best workplace

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