The Retail Solution Simplifying Order Placement for Store Staff

Placing an advance order allows grocery store staff to pre-order goods to ensure the availability of items expected to sell during a specific period.

To simplify and enhance this ordering process, we developed a tool called CVRS – Coop Värmland Retail System.

Greater delivery reliability with advance orders

Advance orders are primarily used in stores for ordering seasonal goods and for holidays such as Easter and Christmas. This process traditionally involves a lot of manual handling, often done by the same person, which increases the risk of errors and dependence on specific individuals.

Manual handling also poses a significant risk of running out of stock. With CVRS, managing advance orders has become significantly smoother, and the margin of error has been drastically reduced as the system provides the necessary information to make accurate orders.

juice bottle package production line concept, manufacturing system of water industry machine

Development in Collaboration with Coop Värmland

By combining the specific needs and requirements of the store staff with our expertise in data management and reporting capabilities, we were able to create a comprehensive solution in CVRS. This tool has simplified everyday work by shortening decision-making and ordering processes in the store. We continue to progressively develop the tool.

A Solution that Handles Almost Everything

In the CVRS portal, store staff can do almost everything – from placing advance orders to regular weekly orders and date checks – either via a computer or a handheld device they carry in the store.

You can set your delivery date for your order, and the tool visualizes the product flow by providing a clearly sorted list prioritized by what is missing, what has been ordered, what is on the way to the store, and the expected delivery date. Decisions can be made in the store while interacting with and assisting customers.

You can also review past orders to see what goods were sold, in what quantities, and during which days or periods, helping you plan for future holidays. This makes forecasting, planning, and comparison easier. It has become significantly harder to miss an order, and it is clearer that the order has been placed correctly, which is crucial for the store staff.

“Being able to see the history makes it faster to place an advance order, and it becomes more accurate when you can see previous campaigns of the same kind. The orders are more precise and harder to get wrong. There’s also the ability to correct an advance order, which you couldn’t do before. Now, even new staff in the store can place advance orders and still have time to correct them if something goes wrong or changes,” says Anders Wendegård, store manager at Coop Säffle.

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