A look at Infor’s multi-tennt strategy 2024

Everything digital is constantly changing. Thanks to cloud computing, ERP is no exception. Infor with their ERP cloud solutions is driving a strategic pivot towards a multi-tenant architecture. This move is not just a technological leap but a strategic realignment aimed at leveraging cloud capabilities to their fullest.

Person working on a computer, delving into Infor CloudSuite's multi-tenant strategy 2024, symbolizing the advance in cloud technology and strategic planning.

The shift to multi-tenant cloud solutions

In the pursuit of more agile and scalable IT infrastructures, many companies are moving away from traditional, on-premises systems towards cloud-based solutions. Infor has committed to this shift by exclusively offering multi-tenant cloud solutions to new customers. Unlike single-tenant environments, where each client has a dedicated instance of the software, multi-tenant setups host multiple customers on a shared infrastructure. This strategy, while indicative of Infor’s future direction, aligns with the increasing preference for cloud-enabled digital transformation across industries.

Why choose multi-tenant?

For Infor and its customers, the move towards a multi-tenant model is not just a technological choice but a strategic one. The benefits of this architecture are manifold, including enhanced scalability, cost-effectiveness, and simplified software maintenance and updates. By centralizing the management of its ERP software, Infor aims to deliver a consistently high-quality experience to all its users. With over 100 multi-tenant customers in the Nordic region alone, Infor’s approach seems to resonate well, with clients expressing satisfaction and enthusiasm for the new model.

Balancing innovation with customer needs

In transitioning to Infor CloudSuite’s multi-tenant solution, there’s a clear focus on balancing cutting-edge technology with the practical needs of businesses. Customers report improvements in service reliability and operational efficiency, enabling them to concentrate more on their core activities and less on IT management. Furthermore, the regular updates and new features introduced as part of Infor’s roadmap exemplify how continuous innovation supports businesses in staying competitive.

Discover how Infor CloudSuite's multi-tenant strategy for 2024 is set to revolutionize warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency and scalability with cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Overcoming transition challenges

Despite the advantages, the shift towards cloud computing and multi-tenant architectures poses challenges, particularly for organizations with entrenched legacy systems. The journey to a fully cloud-enabled operation requires careful planning and adaptation, underscoring the importance of support and guidance. Through its commitment to a public cloud service, Infor and we as partners play a crucial role in facilitating this transition.

By working closely with our customers, we ensure that the transition is smooth, risks are minimized, and the full value of cloud technology is realized. This collaboration underscores the importance of strong partnerships in the digital transformation process, where together we create a future-proof IT environment that enables innovation, efficiency, and growth.

The future of ERP: embracing cloud technologies

The strategic decision by Infor to focus on multi-tenant cloud solutions for its ERP software, Infor M3, and Infor CloudSuite, signifies a broader move within the industry towards cloud-first strategies. This trend is not only about adopting new technologies but also about reimagining business processes for greater agility, efficiency, and scalability.

In conclusion, Infor’s approach to ERP through its multi-tenant CloudSuite offering provides valuable insights into the future of business technology. As companies navigate their digital transformation journeys, the importance of flexible, scalable, and efficient cloud solutions continues to grow.

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