Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.

When Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in 2007 he said ”The problem with smartphones is that they are not that smart. And they are really complicated”.

If you ever had an old Nokia 9000 communicator or an Ericsson GS 88, you know he was right. They had tiny baby-buttons and a stylus pencil that kept disappearing.

ERP:s are almost omnipotent

According to Erik Gustafsson, Chief of Innovation at Elvenite, ERP systems like Infor M3 are almost omnipotent. The benefit is that they let you control every conceivable process that goes on in the largest of corporations.

But all that control comes at a high price.

Flaws of ERP:s

ERPs suffer from the same flaws that prehistoric smartphones did. They are more focused on function than user interface. The end result is an over-complicated system that require a bunch of clicks, just to get the basic stuff done.

People have a hard time understanding the interface.

And a user interface is just like a joke – if you have to explain it, it’s not very good.

Wanted to improve usability

So Erik and his team started working on a solution.

They wanted to make a product that improves the usability of ERP systems. An add-on that is lightning fast to build, and easy to use, without sacrificing any of the features.

One that automates manual labour, saves time, resources and ultimately the environment.

What they came up with is pure poetry.

Streamline any workflow

Using only web standards and open source software they created a toolbox for app-development that is highly adaptable.

Enabling us to build apps that streamline any workflow to fit a specific task. Anything unnecessary is stripped away.

You can edit all your essential data from one and the same view.

Jumping between programs and apps is not needed any more. It even automates the creation of a familiar ux.

Work more efficiently

We call it MPOW3R, because it empowers you to work more efficiently.

It also empowers us to develop apps and new functionalities in a fraction of the time it takes to build regular apps.

Retrieves data automatically

MPOW3R can be configured to automatically retrieve data from every corner of M3 and external systems. All data is searchable, sortable and filterable (is that even a word?).

We think it’s really going to change the way you work.

Intuitive and easy to navigate

Because for the first time since ERPs entered the market, all that control is carefully arranged to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

So you can get more done, with fewer clicks.