Wow! What can we say? We are incredibly proud to be one of Europe’s best workplaces! Our dedicated employees and unique workplace culture have not only made us shine in Sweden. Thanks to the results from the extensive employee survey by Great Place To Work, we now know that we also make an impact on the European stage!

Mathias Dyberg and Åsa Klevmarken at GPTW in Luxemburg

Elvenite is the ninth best workplace in Europe

We felt really good when we were named Sweden’s best workplace. And now? Now we’ve clinched the ninth spot in Europe. Yes, you read that right, ninth! For us, it’s clear evidence that our focus – creating an environment where everyone is comfortable, grows, and thrives – simply works.

Mathias Dyberg, our own CEO, puts it into words:

– For us, the key to success lies in collective growth. That we, together as a team, can create innovation, customer value, and dare to think long-term. When all our employees feel respected, encouraged, and share the same purpose, we jointly create a world-class workplace. This is the success formula as we now venture further into Europe and the world.

Great Place To Work: The measurement behind the award

If you’re not already familiar with Great Place To Work, they’re big. Really big. Nearly 3 million people in Europe have shared their thoughts with them. They look at everything from respect and camaraderie to how proud one feels going to work every day. Out of thousands of companies, only 150 have been chosen. And us? We’re up there at the top!

Diversity, the strength of our teams

One crucial aspect we want to highlight is our teams. We are really good at mixing ages, backgrounds and experiences. The result? Teams that take each other and each project to the next level. Did you know that almost half of us are women? In the IT industry, where the average is 23%, it’s quite unique.

Åsa Klevmarken, co-founder and COO says:

– Our ambition is to be the best workplace in the world. Thanks to our committed company culture, grounded in our shared goals and all our employees, we lay the groundwork for continued success. This commitment also extends to our clients, where we jointly shape a smarter food industry for the future.



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