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FoodTech Tomorrow

FoodTech Tomorrow – Back to the future, is a digital (1,5 hour) event that took place in February 2022.  Together with stakeholders from all corners of the food system, we discussed and answered to tricky sustainability challenges, and gave insight into how successful companies and organisations work to stay innovative.

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Lets go back, to the future

For the second consecutive year, Elvenite and Infor were happy to welcome you to our free digital event where we dove deep into the future of the food industry.

FoodTech Tomorrow – Back to the Future, was a follow-up on last years praised event ”FoodTech Tomorrow” where we gathered over 300 participants from all over the world. This year, we invited engaging speakers knowledgeable in two of the most important areas of the food industry; Innovation and Sustainability.




Fredrik Wikholm, Planethon

Co-founder Planethon, Entrepreneur, previously co-founded Uniforms for the Dedicated, Dedicated Institute and The Rag Bag.

Planethon is a planet intelligence firm supporting corporations in business development, investments and partnerships that pushes the transformation towards sustainability.

I will be talking about how we can build supply chains and investment strategies with the help of science and the need for a ”national team” in the Swedish food system taking on the development that is needed in between actors.

Kerstin Eriksson, Sweden Food Arena

Innovation leader at Sweden Food arena, with experience from both green industry  and Life Science, holding a MSc Molecular biology and MBA in strategic planning.

Sweden Food Arena is a national arena where food industry stakeholders collaborate for an innovative, sustainable, and competitive food sector.



Kristoffer Hagstedt, Whywaste

CEO and Founder, Whywaste
Civil Engineer from Chalmers, previously worked at McKinsey with technology and data.

I will focus on how new technology and data is being used to improve food retailers way of working, especially with regards to solving the problem of food waste.
Since we today are working with retailers from 20 countries from across the world, we have been able to obtain a lot of knowledge and seen different examples on technology related initiatives.
Furthermore, I will touch upon the fact that collaboration across the supply chain, both with regards to technical compatibility as well as data sharing and how it will be a necessity to solve both the food waste problem, but also to gain the biggest advantages related to new technology.

Anna-Lena Dahlberg, Linas Matkasse Group

Nordic Sustainability Manager at Linas Matkasse Group AB with a history from Coop and many years in the Swedish food industry. Now working with focus on lowering food waste and increase efficiency in the food online business.

People need to eat a certain number of calories every day, all year round, every human being. The meals we want to serve our families should be healthy, tasty, varied and inspiring.

I will talk about the sustainability challenges this brings, and how we have built food supply chains based on old behaviors and habits. We can reduce the sustainability impact from the food chain by streamlining the way we buy and prepare food, and lower the food waste and the climate impact from food production.


Your hosts

We are happy to co-host this trendspotting event together with one of our alliance partners Infor. Infor is a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry.

Anna Skärdin, Elvenite

Anna Skärdin, Business Consultant Elvenite

Håkan Strömbeck infor

Håkan Strömbeck, Industry and
Solution Strategy Director


Time Topic Speaker
09:00-09:10 Welcome & Introduction Anna Skärdin & Håkan Strömbeck
09:10-09:25 Strengthening competitiveness through innovation Kerstin Eriksson, Sweden Food Arena
09:25-09:40 How data and new technology can help food retailers reduce their food waste Kristoffer Hagstedt, Whywaste
09:40-09:55 How to innovate for a sustainably mealtime experience Anna-Lena Dahlberg, LMK Group
09:55-10:10 The need for a Swedish ”National team” in the food system Fredrik wikholm, Planethon
10:10-10:25 Panel Discussion & Questions Everyone
10:25-10:30 Closing & end Anna Skärdin & Håkan Strömbeck