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Salmon from Norway to Spain

Marine Harvest’s sales office in Spain is a part of Marine Harvest’s European sales unit and sells boned and filleted fish mostly in Spain and Portugal. The fish is delivered from Norway through the unit in Spain. In the past Marine Harvest Norway had one recipient per delivery for every local customer in Spain. This created many small deliveries, which made logistics difficult to plan and hard to administrate. To simplify the coordination of purchases, deliveries and sales between their different sales units the solution was replacing Marine Harvest Spain’s ERP with the new M3 10.1. Another reason was that the current system in Spain was an old local system without support. There was definitely room for improvement!

Automatic customer and order solution

Elvenite’s part in the upgrade of the ERP in Spain was to configure and test the system integrations and foremost educate the users. Among other things EDI connections were made with existing EDI customers and the integration with Marine Harvest Norway’s ERP was solved via an automatic customer order/production order solution. A customer order out of Norway automatically creates a purchase order in Spain, then performs an automatic goods reception, registers and then approves the bill.

The right planning, faster deliveries

With the new solution all customer information is sent from Norway to Spain, where there’s also info in the systems about the fish. Then it’s up to the vendors in Spain to make the local deliveries. This is more beneficial since the vendors know their local customers.
From Norway they can start filling the trucks with not yet sold fish and start transporting it to Spain with a lower transport cost per kilo. The Spanish offices sell the fish while it is en route.
The customer order / production order integration has had an especially positive impact on the planning in Norway. With few users, but full functionality and simple internal logistics the purchases, sales and finance operations are greatly improved.
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Marine HarvestAbout Marine Harvest

  • Marine harvest is a world leading producer of fish and fish products
  • The company has 6400 employees and is established in 21 countries across the world.
  • Marine Harvest offers farmed salmon and salmon products to over 50 markets around the world
  • Their headquarters are situated in Bergen, Norway


The M3 installation for our Spanish department has lead to reduced complexity for our Norwegian operation, and strengthened our competitiveness in the Spanish and Portuguese market. All done through the company’s strategy!
Henning Livastøl
Planning Manager
Marine Harvest RMT Europé