Our vision

Elvenite delivers sustainable solutions for the future, at the heart of our customers businesses.


Elvenite delivers results on the boundary between IT and business development for some of Scandinavia’s leading food companies. We combine in-depth industry intelligence and knowledge of business with a view to maximising the value of our customers’ business systems and processes.
We’re driven by efficiency, curiosity and consideration, and we’re always striving to aim higher. We like to call ourselves improvement consultants.


You, our customer, are always at the heart of everything Elvenite does. Our work is based on offering services that enhance the benefits of your business system and develop your business. We can act as a one-stop shop and a long-term partner for your improvement work thanks to the fact that we’re able to offer a combination of ERP & Integration, Business Analytics, Project Management and Managed Services.

Vår historia

I september 2007 startades Elvenite AB av fyra medarbetare med en gemensam ambition. Elvenite skulle vara en given partner för kunder som vill driva ett aktivt förbättringsarbete inom affärssystem och verksamhetsutveckling. Med runt 70 anställda finner man idag Elvenite i Karlstad, Stockholm, Malmö och Oslo.

2018 såldes bolaget till Combined Excellence, en koncern med flertalet specialistbolag inom IT. 


    We are a Great Place To Work!

    Thanks to all our customers, partners and collegues, we can proudly say that we are a certified Great Place To Work.

    The Great Place to Work® certification is the only certification of good workplaces in Sweden. The certification is based on the Great Place to Work © Institute’s global standard for what characterizes a good workplace, and it is proof that employees experience a very high degree of credibility, respect, justice, pride, and camaraderie within the organization.

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    Great Place To Work Certificate


    At Elvenite, we don’t believe that just having a system licence is enough to achieve major success. You have to improve entire work processes within the business. That’s why our improvement work is based on people working together on changes and improvements.

    Although we’re a company that’s growing steadily, we’ll always stick with the personal service that a small company can offer, maintaining our ability to supply innovative, fast, individual solutions to our customers. Continuing to develop our own business will allow us to add value for our customers and deliver business development using our hearts, minds and good communication.

    CombinedX logo

    Elvenite is a part of CombinedX

    Elvenite is owned by CombinedX, a family of knowledge companies that help companies and organizations take advantage of digital opportunities.

    CombinedX delivers services through nine wholly-owned specialist companies, each with market-leading technology and business expertise in its niche. Together, customers are offered a magical combination of expertise.

    CombinedX has just over 400 employees in Sweden and a turnover of approximately SEK 600 million / year with strong growth.

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