Budding collaboration between Spira and Elvenite

In August, Elvenite launched a collaboration with a new customer in the ERP business area, Spira Blommor AB. Since last year Spira is a part of the dutch Groenland Group, one of the main actors in the floriculture sector in Europe. Spira has a penchant for making people’s everyday lives a little more beautiful by delivering fresh flowers to our most visited stores – the grocery stores.

Jonas Kaveryd, CEO at Spira

Jonas Kaveryd, CEO at Spira.

– The collaboration with Elvenite is working very well and has been since day one. The greatest take away from this project is that we will be set up with our separate business system, as opposed to sharing one within a large corporate group. There are always compromises in a solution when several companies in a group share the same platform, says Jonas Kaveryd, CEO at Spira.

The work of creating the new environment is currently in full swing. The project is to be completed well before the advent and Christmas trade takes off. At that time Spira needs to be able to fully focus their attention on their core business.

– What we are doing for Spira is what we call a “carve-out”. Simply put, we take Spira’s parts out of their previous owners’ environment and create their own, independent environment, custom made for Spira. Our goal is for Spira themselves not to be affected by our work during the moving process. In January they will be able to stand alone in their new system, says Anders Östgren, project manager at Elvenite.

– Elvenite is a company with a high level of competence and they are very committed. We trust them and feel that we are in good hands with the people responsible for our project. The choice to go with Elvenite as partners was quite natural to us. They know our processes and that made us feel safe. The people at Elvenite are both positive and solution-oriented, as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere by showing a great attitude. So far the collaboration feels very successful, concludes Jonas Kaveryd, CEO at Spira.

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Mathias Dyberg, CEO at Elvenite. Or visit Spira

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