Elvenite is a certified Great Place to Work!

What makes a good workplace? At the end of the day, you want to be inspired. Challenged to evolve. You want to have the opportunity to work on exciting projects together with great customers and, of course, to have fun together with great colleagues in the process. To us, this has always been important as well as a very present reality!

Thanks to the combination of great coworkers and the exciting projects of amazing customers – we are now certified as a Great Place to Work! 

Great Place To Work Certificate

What is a Great Place to Work certification and what does it mean?

A certification through Great Place to Work means, in practical terms that Elvenite meets the high standards and requirements of what a great workplace should be like. Great Place to Work is an international organizational development company and part of their concept used to evaluate organizations performance is the Trust Index. This is an employee survey based on over 30 years of studies on the employee experience.
The certificate proofs that our employees perceive Elvenite exactly as the great workplace that we strive to be. We are convinced that good trust within an organization has a measurable effect on employees’ commitment, productivity and our financial results and also affects how well we deliver customer value.

The results of the Trust Index survey tell us what works and what can be improved. It lays the foundation for our continued work to create and maintain a well-performing and prosperous organization where every employee feels seen, appreciated, valuable and motivated. Where everybody feels good about themselves and their contribution.

Great commitment generates great results

We have conducted the Trust Index survey through Great Place to Work with a response rate of 100 percent two years in a row now, which says quite a lot about the engagement level in our workplace! We are proud to say that according to 97 percent of our employees, Elvenite is overall a very good workplace.

For 2020 we achieved a total Trust Index of 92 percent which matches the results of the very best workplaces in Sweden among companies with 50-249 employees. (The percentage is a total index for the entire survey that is compared with other organizations’ results.) We thereby improved our already high index from 2019.


This is a story to be continued…

This year we also submitted our first Culture Audit. This is an inventory of our workplace culture where the organization’s action program and habits are described and evaluated. This cultural inventory adds a leadership perspective to the Trust Index results, which enables an evaluation of the business from both the employees’ and the managers’ perspectives. The organizations that are ranked highest by their employees in the Trust Index survey as well as receive a high score on their cultural audit will enter the list of the 25 very best workplaces in Sweden.

It remains to be seen if our overall results will qualify us for the list, come end of March we will know… And that is of course what we are aiming for.

Together we will create new amazing opportunities!

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