Mathias Dyberg takes office as CEO of Elvenite

This week we welcomed Mathias Dyberg to his first day as CEO of Elvenite. 🥳

Mathias has long experience within the IT industry and has had several C-level positions in well-known companies such as Cap Gemini, EVRY, and Visma e.g. Mathias has experience from several start-ups as well as larger established global organizations. Mathias describes himself as a dedicated leader, who loves to take organizations and coworkers to the next level. Before Mathias joined us at Elvenite he came from a position as CEO of Giraff Data Konsult, part of Time People Group.

Johan and Mathias

Mathias Dyberg and Johan Gotting 🤝

4 Questions to Mathias:

Who are you and what is your background?

– I was born and raised on the Västgöta plain in a suburb to Falköping. I have an older brother and a younger sister. Throughout my life, there have always been many activities and sports going on, but the two that stuck with me all the way to adulthood are handball and downhill skiing. I guess I am the one among us siblings that turned out to be the adventurous and curious one, which has led me to end up in a lot of different situations in a lot of different places around the world. That has been very enriching to me.

What are your take-aways from your past experience and roles?

– I have had the privilege of working in startups, as well as large multinational companies. As I see it, the best would be to combine the experience into Elvenite, because that is where we stand today. From the startups, I would like to bring the power and will to dare to invest in your beliefs. The more people who share these beliefs, the stronger it gets and together we can move mountains and succeed in things we never would have thought to be possible individually.

From my experiences of larger companies, I bring the fact that a certain structure is needed, but you must never take for granted the core values of an organization. You must constantly work with the core beliefs of your organization so that it is not drained as the organization grows.

How will we notice that you are the CEO of Elvenite?

– As a leader I believe in coaching and present leadership with clarity in communication about what is expected of us and what goals we aim to achieve. I believe very strongly in self-leadership and leading through others. Together we can achieve wonders that could never have been done by anyone on their own. I hope to be able to contribute with new ideas and thoughts to move our company forward and create a platform that makes us feel safe and secure enough to reach for the next level.

What are your thoughts on the food industry?

– We are all part of the food industry, every single day. Elvenite is right in the bullseye of it and the current pandemic makes this industry even more interesting. Our customers challenges are our oportunities and I am convinced that we can make a difference for our friends in the industry by helping them in their efforts to digitalize and create an even more sustainable society.

Come celebrate with us!🍾

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