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Forget all flooded inboxes and missed information. With the podio cloud service, you let the work control the tool, not the other way around.

Podio – For social and effective cooperation

Podio is a cloud-based service that allows the work to control the tool, not the other way around. ou and your colleagues can use an interactive, social and easy to understand structure to create a platform that generates discussion, a sense of community and fast results. All in one place.
I’m really pleased with Podio. It’s easy to use, the mobile function is invaluable when you’re working on projects involving lots of members who are working at different times.
Caroline Åhs, Collaboration Coordinator, Karlstad University


Or both. Through clear drag and drop modules, you build your own forms that set the foundation for your processes and the way you work.

social, flexible & powerful

Podio gives you the structure to unleash the creativity in your business
Speed up information and discussion within your company. With Podio, you discuss and share information between colleagues in a social, efficient and structured way. Without overloading your inbox.
CRM system
Podio it is easy to develop into a powerful CRM system that matches the size of your business – and above all, your needs. Maintain control over customers, partners and recruitment processes.
With simple administration, you don’t become dependent on expert skills to maintain your system. Simple drag-and-drop functions will allow you to maintain control and efficiency when it comes to constantly improving your work tool.
Manage role descriptions, applications, communication with candidates, and On-boarding of new employees in an efficient and transparent workflow. With the help of Podio, you can strengthen your employer brand by taking better care of the most valuable thing you have. Your talents.
Project work
With Podio, you visualize and automate deadlines, responsibilities and goals, so that they become clear and up to date for everyone. With a tool tailored to your project and not the other way around, you give users the opportunity to be successful with their projects.
Communicate, organize, and give your project team access to marketing materials regardless of time location or device. With a flexible and mobile tool, they can always spread the company’s message, uniform and up-to-date.
Whether you want to share new insights with your team, or need a quick response from a colleague, all communication and conversation are saved in the place where it belongs. In this way, you can increase both communication and dialogue without burdening your inbox.

develop your business with podio

We know all about business development and the art of creating efficient processes. When you are ready to develop your processes and social cooperation, Podio grows with you. By customizing the solution, you can easily develop the social project tool into a powerful CRM system or intranet. In this way, you collect all information and communication, internally as well as externally, in one place. Together we build a work structure that suits your goals and purposes.

authorized podio partners

Elvenite is an authorised Citrix Podio partner and has outstanding and extensive experience of developing, adapting and implementing Podio as a tool within organisations of all sizes. As a Citrix Podio partner, we’re able to offer industry-leading tools for the supply of secure data and apps, enhancing profitability and communication for our customers and partners. Find out more about Podio Read more about Podio

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